BAM Promotions has served various satisfied clients in different industries. It initiates and manages promotional events of various disciplines, as well as providing promotional merchandize and professional performers for entertainment. It provides all services and products related to promotion. Some of our clients and services are as follows:

6.1 EVENTS MANAGEMENT (Each event involved at least three of the activities from 1-5)
1 – Sourcing Sponsors,
2 – Creative Concept Design of Event
3 – Promoting the event,
4 – Execution,
5 – Full Administration (All Above)


• Ultimate Music Awards 2017
• Yearly Finite Magazine Women Appreciation Awards (2012-2017)
• Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA) Country wide Proof of Life Campaign (2016)
• Lesotho Arts, Innovation and Tourism Week (Carnival, Blend of Cultures, Film Festival, Exhibitions, Creative Industries Seminar, Women Symposium on Culture, Youth Symposium on Culture, (2015)
• LTDC Intercollege Debate on Tourism (2015)
• Countrywide Love Your District Campaign towards Love Lesotho Festival (2015)
• Know Your Rights Know Your Obligations (2014-2015)
• Twin Talk Book Launch (2014)
• Morija Arts and Cultural Festival – Youth Entertainment & Cultural Fashion Show (2013)
• FINITE Magazine Image Management Event (2011)
• Achiever Magazine Launch (2010)
• Top Mount District Soccer Competition (2007/08, 2008/09)
• Other past events organized by BAM Promotions during 2007-2010 are: National AIDS Festival, Pabatso Exposée Cultural Night, Kids’ Fun Walk, Pre-Winter Show, Poetry and Comedy Night, Crazy Battle, Creative Industries Showcase, DJ’s Night, Jazz Night, Kwaito Night, Top Mount Finals Eve Show, Pre-Easter Show, Intervarsity Bash, Talent Show.